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This page is for those who thought that Aussie beer was just Fosters and XXXX. Whilst the Australian climate suites the Pilsener style, many other styles of beer are available. The list of beers presented here is by no means complete but it does represent a good cross section of the Aussie brews. Come for a trip through the Aussie beers.

A few words about keeping beer. Most beer sold around the world is pasturised, this basically means that the live yeast in the bottle has been killed i.e. the beer is dead. Since the beer is dead unlike wine (which is alive) cannot mature and grow in complexity. Beers that are bottle conditioned i.e. the yeast is still alive in the bottle often benefit from maturation. To my knowledge the only Australian beers that you can get away with aging or cellaring are Cooper's Ales and Hahn Millennium Ale. They can be aged up to 10 years under good conditions. Almost all other Australian beers are better within a year of being brewed.

So what are good conditions for cellaring beer? Very simply, they are the same conditions for cellaring wine i.e. a constant temperature preferably 14C, minimal vibrations and very low light levels. Independent of which beer and for how long your are storing them, keeping them under these conditions will ensure the beer will be at its peak.

Beers are like wine. There are beer styles that match any wine style and you can match any food with an appropriate beer just as you can do with a wine. And don't let anyone tell you that beer is in any way inferior to wine! Beer has been with us longer than wine. Archeologist even suggest that cereal grains were first domesticated to produce beer rather than for making bread. Some of the oldest writings ever found were a recipe for beer. That is right, beer is a civilizing drink!

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